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New Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes
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Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

Patented Equal, Low Pressure headdoors hold 350 lb. to 2500 lb. animals.

  • Complete Opening-Action Head and Taildoor
  • SILENCER is the chute designed so the animal doesn’t have to step over, trip, or jump when entering or exiting the chute
  • SILENCER’S full-opening taildoor reduces hesitation when animal enters the chute
  • Patented Door Design uses less room to open and shut for operator safety
  • Soft, rubber cushion on Headdoors/Neckbars helps keep animal’s head controlled
  • 130-point Noise Reduction System helps keep cattle calm
  • Louvers allow humans to work closer to chute, yet animals stay calmer
  • Hydraulic Neck Bars move head Left, Right & Straight Ahead

SILENCER Chutes are built with a minimum 4 X 2 steel framework, instead of other chute brands’ use of 2 1/2 X 2 1/2. SILENCER's 4" mainframe steel floor dimension controls the thrust exerted on the framework when the animal enters the headdoor, which provides superior frame durability and chute longevity.

Commercial Pro Model SILENCER

The Commercial Pro SILENCER for large volume operations includes wedge taildoors, mainframe 4" x 3" x 1/4" and 4" x 2" x 1/4" rectangular tubing, 2"x2" square, 1/4" wall sidegates, high test 1/4" floor plate, rocker shaft roller bearings, and oil-based urethane bearings.

The Commercial Pro Model’s wedge rear taildoors guarantee a snug fit to entrance alley.

Overhead Modular Scales promote longer scale life and easier clean-up. Commercial Pro Model Left or Right Controls Extended Commercial Pro Model Left or Right Controls

Ranch Model SILENCER

The RANCH Model SILENCER'S full-opening head and taildoors provide clearance so full-term cows and herd bulls enter and exit chute without hanging up lower body. Add a carrier for a quick, portable chute. Full-opening head and taildoors, main frame 4" x 2" x 1⁄8" rectangular tubing, 2" x 2" square tubing, 1⁄8" wall sidegates, oil-based urethane bearings, 130 polyethylene contact points, standard 3 spool hydraulic valves, 5-4 x 2 cylinders, 1-2 x 6 cylinder, main cylinder pins greaseable, fitted hoses, 30 ft. of extension hose.