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New ROTO-MIX Truck and Trailer Units
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New ROTOMIX Commercial Feed Mixers - Truck Mounted and Trailers

Your new feed truck is a significant investment and should work best for you. We can customize your new ROTO-MIX feed truck to your needs and offer suggestions to help efficiency.

Call us today to discuss how your truck configuration makes a big difference for your feed truck.

Forward Pitched Rotor and Staggered Rotor

The patented rotor lifts feed up to the side augers that move the feed from end-to-end for thorough mixing. The lifting action of the rotor eliminates wedging of the hay or long cut feeds under the lower auger. Patented tumbling design reduces mixing power requirements. See more about rotor options below.

Rotary Blend Rations

Our thorough mixing action eliminates dead spots and corner pile-up, giving you a consistent balance of nutrients from the first pound of feed to the last. Complete mixing of ingredients also reduces the ability of the cattle to sort and “nose out” ingredients.

Other Premium Features

Commercial Flighting - 3/4", 5/8" and 1/2" flighting available for lower auger to extend life. Top augers available in 3/8" and 1/2" flighting.

Commercial Scale Check System - Load cell mounting comes standard with Roto-Mix ball and socket type tie bars to connect the mixer to the frame. This feature eliminates side and end movement on the load cells which allow for scale dependability and accuracy.

Easy Access Rear Door - The single lever latch makes inspection easy and desirable compared to other little latches or hardware.

Single Point Grease Bank - Allows quick lubrication from a single point. Heavy-duty drive assembly runs in an enclosed oil bath.

Lower Center of Gravity - A lower center of gravity makes for a more stable unit when feeding and less shock load when cornering.

Flared Side - The flared side allows feed to tumble out of the rotor speeding up the mixing action and reducing the chance for feed to get trapped inside the rotor.

Full Scale Frame - Sturdy box frame construction with rectangular tubing for increased stability and weighing accuracy. Scale frame assembly allows scale frame to float independent of truck frame.

Flexibility - Feeds all types of grain, liquid feed, by-products, and forages. Ability to mix small and large batches with consistency, day after day, even with micro ingredients.

Commercial Duty Drive Train - Splined shafts eliminate shearing of keys and gaulding of shafts. Heavy-duty chains and bearings extend life and reduce downtime.

ROTO-MIX Generation II Staggered Rotor

ROTO-MIX 920-18 Rotary Mixer vs Vertical Mixer

Dye test to show mix quality of each machine

Trailer Features

Single pole tongue allows for a tight turning radius.

Trailer constructed of heavy-duty tubular steel with built in scale mountings.

Heavy-duty hubs and spindles designed for years of trouble free operation.

A wide selection of tire choices.

Rear bumper is standard equipment.

Short wheel base allows for tight turns and easy maneuverability.

Adjustable hitch clevis allows the operator to level mixer with most tractors to maximize mixer efficiency.

Heavy-duty, tubular trailer frame ensures long life and maximum scale accuracy.

Weigh bar scale or load cell mounting.

Load cell mounting comes standard with Roto-Mix ball and socket type tie bars to connect the mixer to the frame. This feature eliminates side and end movement on the load cells which allows for scale dependability and accuracy.

Heavy-duty leaf spring suspension on 720 and 920 units.