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New ROTO-MIX Ration Delivery Box (RDB)
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New ROTOMIX Ration Delivery Box

Check out the new Ration Delivery Box from ROTO-MIX. This unit can be mounted on the truck of your choice to efficiently deliver your mixed feed straight to the bunk.

50,000 lb. maximum load capacity.

1200 cu. ft. maximum volume capacity.

12 ga. stainless liners, 60" high.

  • 48" wide stainless steel conveyor body.
  • Side access door in conveyor body.
  • Automatic rotary overload sensor to interrupt retention gate movement.
  • Spout with magnets. Wind guard or magnets optional.
  • One piece full width floor belt.
  • Truck mounted scale and hydraulic controls.
  • Full length scale frame.
  • Three models: 1202-25, 1102-23 and 822-17

ROTO-MIX Ration Delivery Box Brochure