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New LeeAgra Fuel Tanks
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New LeeAgra Fuel Tank

New LeeAgra Diesel Fuel Trailer

Any fuel tank on the market utilizing the square design suffers from a major design flaw. During transport, fuel surges forward and back and from side to side. This behavior stresses the 90˚ welds and distends the flat surfaces inherent in the square design. The superior round design minimizes this effect by allowing the fuel to roll up the edges thereby distributing the stress evenly around the tank and increases the safety of the tank during transport.

The tanks are baffled to slow the movement of fuel when traveling. Not only do we use heavy-duty steel, we also bend each end of the baffle to stiffen and give strength to stand the test of time. The combination of dish ends and our superior baffle system give you the safest diesel fuel trailer you can find.