New Jaylor Mixers
New Jaylor TMR Twin Rotor Mixer New Jaylor TMR Twin Rotor Mixer New Jaylor TMR Twin Rotor Mixer New Jaylor TMR Twin Rotor Mixer

New Jaylor Mixers


Jaylor is well known for producing a high quality, durable feed mixer. Over the years we have designed and patented a number of exclusive features that build on our established reputation for durability and efficient operation.

Mix Viewing Window (patented)

Built into the side of the drum, the Mix Viewing Window permits the operator to view the ration at eye level during the mixing process. The operator can easily and safely view the mix, while the auger is in operation.

Square Cut Auger (patented)

With its unique sloped top and slide plate technology, Jaylor's innovative and patented 'Square cut' auger produces a quality mix faster and cleaner. Its improved cutting action means less pressure on the mix and improved feed ration for your animals. Less friction results in reduced power consumption, which translates to lower operating costs for you.

Alexander and Vertical Knife (patented)

Jaylor's patented Alexander and Vertical Knives, made with Tungsten carbide coated steel, work in conjunction with our standard knives to: improve processing time, aid in eliminating bridging, and to cut through tough forages easily without bruising.

Discharge Conveyor (patented)

The discharge conveyor is fabricated from galvanized steel and HDP plastic to reduce acidic corrosion. The plastic floor and shields reduce noise and are UV and weather resistant. Several conveyor options are available: extensions, dual directions, and magnets.

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